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PPI WARS: Did you have PPI? You could be owed £'000s in compensation



This simple method will tell you

But don't wait around, the deadline for submitting PPI claims has been announced.



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Don't forget time's running out
Millions of people around the country were mis-sold PPI. If you've ever had a mortgage, credit card, loan or car finance you could be one of them.

But with a potential a PPI claim cut-off looming, you need to
start finding out today.

After all, isn't £2,750 worth 30 seconds of your time?

Select your icon below to get started:

Completing the online check:

    Only takes around 30 seconds to get your check underway.

    Is easy to do.

    Will tell you whether you have any claims.

But that's not all …


     Don't have to root out stacks of old documents.

     Aren't obliged to pursue any claim.

  ✓  Won't be bombarded by nuisance phone calls.

  ✓  Will ensure you don't miss out on receiving any money you can rightly claim.

One of the biggest scandals in recent years has been the mis-selling of PPI.

Thousands of people who took out a mortgage, credit card, loan or car finance were deliberately misled into purchasing PPI.

Some were told that they had to take PPI – they weren’t even given a choice. Others weren’t told about policy exclusions which made their PPI worthless.

Many were completely unaware that PPI had been added at all. 

As a result, the banks have been forced to pay out billions in compensation to their customers – and 
you could be one of them.

By far the biggest culprit has been Lloyds, who have already set aside an incredible £18.1bn to refund customers.

But you shouldn’t make the mistake of thinking that Lloyds are the only problem - other providers are just as guilty.

Barclays, RBS, HSBC, Halifax, Santander and many others have also had to pay back millions.

Start finding out if you had mis-sold PPI by clicking on your age below

Taylor Edwards
Financial Management

In fact, if you’ve had any kind of financial product in the last 30 years there’s a very good chance you were mis-sold PPI and could be due a large payout.

The average payout for a PPI claim is £2,750. You could be entitled to even more.

And the best thing is that 
checking if you had PPI is quick, easy and free!

Even building societies like Nationwide and credit card providers like Capital One have been affected.

And it’s easy to discover if you have money to claim.

But with the deadline announced and drawing ever closer, it’s best to find out as soon as possible.

Luckily, the whole process can actually be quick and simple!

All you have to do is 
take a single, free, no obligation PPI check online.